Our Design Process

Split into 5 intricate phases, our process is devoted to every stage of crafting a high-quality, high-conversion website.

Our Design Process

Split into 5 intricate phases, our process is devoted to every stage of crafting a high-quality, high-conversion website. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the site you need for your business. This process ensures that all of your needs and expectations are met, from the initial paperwork all the way down to the ongoing support. So if you’re wondering how we manage to do it, here’s our website building process and how it can help your business.

Technical Analysis and Architecture Phase

The Architecture Phase will include mood board creation and wire frames for key pages, in addition to collecting all the text, images, files and documents needed for your website. We store this in the online platform GatherContent. If you opt-in for our copywriting services, you’ll have access to our copywriting team’s work online. Through GatherContent, you can check through and make any edits you want and then approve it for use on your new website.

Design Phase

Once the app- design is ready, our cohesive team of app developers build the Our design team will start working on initial drafts of your website. We normally focus on the home page to begin with, and then, once it has been approved, we design the inner pages. There is no set limit to the number of designs we can provide, but often the first design is the one selected. You then provide feedback for the design – tweaks and changes, and in some cases a request for a new design entirely. This process normally takes around 1-2 weeks, a little longer if a logo design is required as well.

Implementation Phase

Now it is time to do our programming work and load the site’s content. With our project manager, lead back-end developer, and back-end developer on hand, we go through a complicated process, beginning with preparing the development framework. Then we code each template, perform our front-end integration tasks, and handle the programming duties.

Website Testing

Your website will be developed on a staging or live server. You can share the domain with anyone you’d like to view the site. Site testing is critical as there will inevitably be a few issues that need to be addressed prior to the site going live. At this stage the site will need to be viewed on multiple browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge) and multiple devices (laptops, tablets, and cell phones) to ensure everything looks and functions as planned

Website Launch Phase

After your project is fully tested and gets your approval, it’s time to LAUNCH and your new website is live! Our websites are carefully crafted to such a high standard; we even include a 30-day guarantee of free maintenance if there is a problem from the site’s development.