Are You Fascinated To Create Food Delivery App Development Like Zomato?

Mobile apps have revolutionized the functioning of different verticals. And as far as food-delivery is concerned, then Zomato has certainly changed the perspective of not only restaurant owners but consumers as well. Left those days when customers were relied upon neighborhood eateries. With the evolution of Zomato-like app, it has offered different flavours to their palate.

As a business owner, it is important to create a mobile app and when Zomato app has brought the radical change, since then it has already determined a touchstone that has been significant enough to go beyond that. This is an agile era, until and unless capital is not incorporated with innovation, expansion cannot be expected.

Journey Of Zomato To Become A Touchstone?

Zomato is a recognised restaurant service search provider founded in 2008 operating in 23 countries that has some intrigue features:

In order to strive the unconquerable user experience, Zomato has 2 mobile apps focussed on different features i.e. Zomato Restaurant Finder and Zomato Order. Without scrambling the matter, the user can use find easily what they are intending to find. The users are independent to download any app or both. During the app updating, it can easily be updated without jeopardising the functioning of the other app.

Why Look around Food Delivery App like Zomato?

Top-notch mobile apps are dedicating their strength about “Know your customer” in order to chalk out their behaviour. Their behaviour is forte which would one of the decisive factors for their long run survival. Considering the success factor of Zomato, it has certainly received First mover advantage. Apart from that, its strong content platform, efficient employees, good rating mechanism and social platform proved something quite distinct.

Fabricating an on demand food delivery mobile app, it would not only be an enhancement over booking, but improvement over loyalty with boosting of brand. With Food-delivery app, it would ensure smarter take-out orders, enhanced processing of payments with authentic visuals.

Like Zomato Features 

Create Your Own Restaurant Mobile App


Customer Feature Listing


Category List


Order Management


Cart Management

Restaurant Menu

Payment Gateway

Restaurant App Development Solutions Feature Listing


User Management


Report Generation


Category Management

Manage Order

Payment Analytics

Delivery Boy Feature Listing

Splash Screen



Manage Order

What do we offer?

With the ultimate motive to offer something exceptional that would go beyond Zomato-app, hence we create customised mobile app at an amazing price without jeopardizing the quality of an app. As per the client’s requirement, and we make detailed analysis in order to understand the business idea and document accordingly. ArgosMob possesses a team of technical enthusiasts.

Our developers and designers keeping in mind accuracy and can fabricate the most authentic app which the appreneur must have intended for. Here’s our solution in order to create a zomato-like food delivery or restaurant app..