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Being one of the best eCommerce website development companies in India, ArgosMob offers satisfactory solutions to various business types. Delivering eCommerce website design and development services for years, we now incorporate a collection of a number of successfully accomplished B2B and B2C projects. Our expert team comprises top web designers and developers who specialize in Magento and WordPress solutions, consulting, site design, development, marketing, system integration and support. We are a result-driven agency serving in all genres be it Corporate, Travel, Business, Real Estate, etc. We have assisted a number of businesses in website promotion by offering customized eCommerce website building services. We build highly responsive and accessible websites to provide commendable online shopping cart solutions.

Technologies we use

Technologies We Use – We build fascinating user experiences that creates a positive impact on your customers, brand perception & conversion rated. Using the well-tested platforms like Laravel, WordPress, Xamarin, Php, HTML5, Shopify, CSS, Magento, Angular JS, React JS, React Native, .NET Core ensures that we are able to provide outstanding results along with an innovative solution to your eCommerce web development.

Ecommerce Website Features

Domain with HTTPS

It is used for secured and safe connection along with easy communication & is widely used on the internet. Here we make sure people access the server without fear from the backend data leakage. This also provides customized network connection with protected internet transport of the data in the form of encrypted authentication details.

Brand Logo

This is a symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition. Adds up value to the brand with figurative design or wordmark. Mostly positioned in the left top corner as a prominent place to have user visibility easily.


Navigation is focusing on monitoring and controlling the moves over application. Considering user-friendliness designing, the UI/UX plays a very important role in better navigation with top bar and in easy access way.


A list of desired things or occurrences by the person, here also the wishlist option saves your preferred choices from the home page and allows you to buy anytime. This saves time on finding the things from the main page and also has the option to share to loved ones through the media. It is a kind of reservation on the product you want to buy in future and can view the details also for references.

Customer Login

Authentication on the person’s assurance to access the complete application. Having a sign in & sign up in the top bar makes users navigate easily.

Profile or account

Profile is brief details of user credential, all the transactions, complete product information like buyed, in wishlist, cart and so on. The profile creation provides basic needs of the application with more priority to the user.

Store nearby

Details of the stores surrounding based on the location of the user so they can be easily grabbed and picked up on the suggestion of the product in the emergency. Locating this feature on the top bar will be comfortable for customer use.

Shopping Cart

Things users kept on a waiting list to buy on a future basis and also if they choose to buy all at once this cart helps maintain the list. A positioning in the upper right corner gives easy access.


A preferable option on user compatible native language. This has variety of options considering worldwide languages located in sidebar or sometimes having right popup would be good for user convenience.

Search bar

This is a complete big text box located at the top of the page. Helps the user to search the product on their personalization options.

Phone number

Kind of customer service on talk which helps get verified with your doubts and product details. This adds a plus point to the website getting direct contact to the dealers. Mentioning it in the top corner easy to find in order to scroll down and search.


It’s easy to understand the promise of what product will do for a customer and how it’s different from everybody else in your niche. This helps in comparing other ecommerce websites for improvising.

Safety measure

Customer safety is highest priority when it comes to the ecommerce website as they share most of the credentials and also safety over shopping, shipping and return options should easily be available through the menu bar.

Loyalty and lasting

Whatever the field, trust is more important for a brand to make a stand in the market and once the trust is gained maintaining it is also as hard as brand. So making customers attracted to the app and making them satisfied with branded products with offers and rewards would be a better trick. So for that maintaining a page is mandatory as users can go through easily and use them.

Call to action

Call to action are the buttons that drive prospective customers toward particular actions like where to click and what to purchase. This enables the customers to motivate them to address their wants more effectively than alternate clicks like “BUY NOW” and so on.

Deals of day

This is the main tab on the website that shows up in the homepage which personalize the application products based on the present day offers and best selling top products. Gives the automated product would make it easier for customers to find their choices early.

On discount sale

This is a highly customized way of the products with offers and top styles and brands that are running on discount to buy with click. It’s a combo of all the featured categories in the application.

Category features

An automated separation of the products from the child to elder and crafts to home utensils, electronics products ll are listed in the top and dropdowns with subcategory would be brilliant ideas for navigation.

Personalised product

Personalization is a customer option which helps them to search for the product they want and seek through the long list. This increase the customers attraction over application as well sales.

Text content

These are search engine keywords which help to find easily through the search engines. The text content is all about the complete description of the products, brands and all the categories available in.

Category features

An automated separation of the products from the child to elder and crafts to home utensils, electronics products ll are listed in the top and dropdowns with subcategory would be brilliant ideas for navigation.

Contact us

Giving access to the user to contact you through various options is a good idea to enhance the business through the integrated third parties like mail, messages and calls. Postal information that assures the user about the company existence and build trust.

Social media links

These links are company profile viewer that ensures the company work and product, new updates on the website are noted through these social media if users are not active on the website.

Links to about us

This is a group of the links to various links like career, about, stories and wholesale and based on the personal interest can include the new updates about ecommerce and fashion that help customers to over through the trending facts.

Policy set

Policy describes how Internet Private Limited and its affiliates collect, use, share or otherwise process your personal information through the website. Along with this can also add links like sitemap, security and usage script that would make the website more secure and safe to use.

Live chat

Even though it is common in all websites, having live chat would give customers a live answer on the spot that they feel no waste of time in shopping, and increase the sales rate.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an eCommerce Website?

eCommerce website development price starts from $500 onwards. The certain aspects merged with complexity of the project, defines the final price range of building an eCommerce website.


Cost of fully custom design costs a lot more than using a template.


Data Imports

Particulars like product data, past order/customer data imported can increase your website development cost.


Company Selection

Choosing the right company like ArgosMOb adds value to your online eCommerce web development within your budget.



Addition of distinct custom functionality adds to the final pricing.



Developing an eCommerce website on various platforms or on third party systems also adds to the defined price range


We Expertise In










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Our Qualified Team Of Experts Have Years Of Experience In Delivering Various Ecommerce Web Development Services

ECommerce Application Development

Our ECommerce developers create user friendly websites that help to maximize the revenue of your business through online sales. We use the latest technologies and offer finest ECommerce development services.

Custom ECommerce Website Design

We provide the most efficient and professional Custom ECommerce Website solutions to meet all your business need in an efficient manner.


Our effective solutions allows your website to look great on all screen resolutions and gives your online site more beautiful and trendy look


Our ECommerce Cart development services allow you to sell your products easily and in hassle free manner. We put your online store in the forefront with customized shopping carts


We deliver perfect plugin and module development services by rubbing shoulders with fast changing e-commerce industry


Our team of experts offer the most efficient and customized web development solutions to take your business to a higher level


We provide our customers with the hassle-free payment services that authorize the credit card or direct payment processing securely.


Our frequent maintenance and support services provide access to clients with expert advice along with a timely solution to all their problems in an efficient manner


Avail our Shopping Cart Development services to promote your brand, products, and services to your target audience in a professional way to achieve optimum results

Support & Maintenance

Stay Ahead in the Market with Endless e-Commerce Maintenance & Support

Maintenance of your innovative eCommerce store is crucial for a seamless process. No business wants their users to suffer, while surfing your online eCommerce store. VerveLogic brings constant maintenance & support to your eCommerce web development for maximum profitability & growth in minimum investment. Our dedicated employees make sure to deliver the best ecommerce maintenance services for your site so your business is never left behind in the online market. We follow a top class strategy that improves your business standards while delivering services to your customers as they face zero downtime problems. We make sure that we are available at every time of the day, our dedicated account managers provide complete collaboration with transparency as their years of experience while serving hundreds of clients comes into play.

Our eCommerce Maintenance & Support Services Include

With our eCommerce maintenance & support you open a bag of opportunities to work with certified developers that plan the strategies along with the professional experts to make your eCommerce web solution have an efficient experience for your users

eCommerce App

Create long term customer loyalty by Designing a rich mobile app for your ecommerce store

Benefits of Developing An e-Commerce Website

With our eCommerce web solution we organize you in the sight of global & local audiences so your services are not limited by the geographical area. Here are the top benefits of having an Ecommerce web solution for your business.

Cut the range of operational

We assure with a cost saving avenue comparatively moderate investment relative to a businesses turnover along with the automated operational process.

Speed and convenience

With a convenient process to purchase goods and services over the Internet over 24 hours a day, 7 days a week provides a constant turnover for the business.

Easy showcase

eCommerce web development allows you to showcase the products better through aisles and shelves with high quality pictures to attract the potential customers & encourage the old customer to revisit.

Website personalization

Doing extra work to buy things is tiresome, to reduce that we work on customers locations and product bundle on the previous research based to increase the market strategy to bring up the concept of personalization just to make customers feel special.


Setting a limitation to customers is making yourself a loss to the business. An eCommerce website doesn’t have any limits to the customer with being flexible enough to take up all operations in a sophisticated manner.


Initial marketing and advertising becomes easy once your path is set to retargeting the customers to keep them busy for better sales.

Platform interaction

A comparison interaction on the platform would help the customer to know why you & not others. A real time feedback would help you to satisfy customers.

Encouraging impulse

Engaging web design & graphics with offers and discount bonus gives a value to customers to go through the website.

Reviews availability

Viable information is mandatory for the customer in order to trust our product and buy them on go. A review option helps the customers to avoid vendor suggestions and can privately sit and find product ability

No geographical limitations

It’s the world of technology that we can’t restrict the things within and providing the 24/7 service with the offered information increases the degree of your business.

Effective customer service

Explosive growth in the online market is not easy until you make customers satisfied with your service. From the basic point of security, quick response on queries, tracking a delivery, personalization and regular update on products would help in building a customer trust as well as skeptical success

Why ArgosMob Ecommerce Solutions

Backed by the expertise and experience of our team, we strive to serve you with “out of the Box” E-commerce solutions. You just need to discuss your business and product ideas and you can start selling online immediately with our designed and developed E-commerce Portals.

Mobile responsive E-commerce

The apps created by our tech-experts help you and your customers to sell and buy respectively, just with their mobile or tablets or any other hand handled device. Our software solutions also assists you to keep track of your online business.


24*7 follow up with customers

The apps created by VerveLogic’s E-commerce solutions help you to keep a 24*7 follow up with your customers to earn feedback on your work. This continuous communication with customers also creates a sense of belongingness between you and your customers.


Mass Media Recognition

Our e-commerce solutions enable you to interact socially keeping a continuous follow up with your ultimate customers. It also helps you to modify or introduce products as per society’s demands,feedbacks and preferences.


Multiple Ecommerce Platforms

We design websites on multiple platforms including Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Opencart, WooCommerce etc. When it comes to market share, WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and OpenCart work best. We believe that each platform has its own pros and cons.


Payment gateway integration

Our financial services include authorizing direct or credit card payments processing for online retailers, e-businesses etc. Payment gateway basically performs many tasks when a customer places order. We also screen orders for frauds.


Stress Free payment

We ensure easy payment on your website for a better user experience. Users can use multiple payment modes such as PayPal/Credit Card/Debit Card/American Express. We also provide support for customer generated queries. Our services feature product quantity modifications within cart.

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