Dating App Development

Bring Revolution In Dating App Ecosystem

Living in an ecosystem surrounded by technocrats gives us a secondary thought, “How can you lead a solitary life”? When the dating mobile apps flowed over the brim and the demand of these dating apps so not seem like declining, you must give it a try in case the domain is yet unexplored territory. Dating app development has reached to pinnacle point where new players are penetrating in this domain looking into its revenue-generating capacity.

People have finally accepted it as a new medium to meet new people. Irrespective of whether it’s for a casual or finding a serious relationship, it has established itself a self-perpetuating cycle.

ArgosMob’s Tinder-Centric Model

Dating app is a better way to share your likings and disliking. Keeping the true essence, we create dating mobile app incorporating cutting edge technology, skills and experience of our dating App Developers in order to yield ROI desired.

Facebook Login

In order to collect information and create user’s profile, the Facebook account of the user is used. But we ensure that nothing will be posted on the timeline of users without permission.

Find Matches

To find the perfect match, it can be found by search criteria. Just Swipe to like or dislike anyone’s profile.

Browse Profile

User is enabled to browse by exploring the profile, through images or through mutual friends.

User Profile

Information gathered from Facebook is utilised to create the initial profile of the user. User can also create their profile by using album and can also create “about me” content.


We offer chat support with the person of your match. In case you want to end up communicating with a particular, you are enabled to delete them.

Push Notification

Push notification is immediately sent to the user every time a suitable match is found for them.

Access Control

Perhaps the majority of dating apps irrespective for Android or iOS enable the users to sign-up through Facebook due to the convenience it offers, because signing up with typing in an email address and password is far more difficult.

It would not only suggest but to identify the singles in the area, finding common friends, interests and automatically filling out the Profile information about the user. Hence we keep in the mind that no post and any information are shared affiliated with dating app on the Facebook Timeline.

Matching People

Matching algorithms are quite difficult to be solved. As far Tinder is concerned then it uses preference and location in order to match people. As far as Hinge is concerned, people can be matched with people that you already know. Keeping in mind, the utmost accuracy and safety proper algorithms are established to offer better matches.

Either behavioural algorithm or just plain filters, we are skilled enough to develop a dating app that can match people, you are intending for.


Messaging plays an important role which acts as an initiation point to start a conversation. Messaging is the golden rule where majority of the people ignore their matches on dating apps. But initiating a conversation can keep the retention rate up.

We strategize all possible steps to incentivise the conversation by delivering reminder messages and push notifications so that they don’t forget their matches waiting for.

What Do We Offer At ArgosMob ?

ArgosMob is the top notch dating app developers with the best and experienced team of dating app developers in order to accommodate revolution by enabling people to meet online with tailored dating app solution within stipulated period of time.

Dextrous developers

Our team of dating app developers are highly skilled to yield the same level of satisfaction that users get from Tinder. Encompassing to create across all the platforms, our sense of commitment can be expected without depriving perfection.

Potential After-sale Support

We extend timely support to our clients after delivering the app. we assure that the apps are free from bugs and errors. In case of any such issue, then we are here to render technical assis

UI/UX Developers

We believe that UI/UX plays an important role in order to deliver utmost personalisation. We prioritise UI/UX in order to deliver navigation and same user experience that can be received from mobile app like Tinder.


Our sales personnel are always ready to give updates regarding the progress of dating App Development solution through meetings and discussions in order to meet the requirements of the clients specifically.